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Action Alert
Fight for your Right: Community organizing meeting to protect exemptions and our families
Huntington Hilton, Melville, Thursday, March 21, 7:30-9:00

New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights

Fight for your Rights!

Protect your religious exemptions.

Stop new mandates.

Stop direct access by the vaccine industry to your children.

Community meeting to organize to protect or rights and our families

    The vaccine industry is making a nationwide assault on vaccine rights from Maine to Oregon. Here in New York we are fighting bills to eliminate religious exemptions, force all pre-schoolers to get annual flu shots, force all middle schoolers to get Gardasil, repeal income tax deductions for children who aren’t fully vaccinated, allow minors of any age to consent to vaccines for sexually-transmitted and other diseases without parental knowledge or consent.

    You can’t hide anymore. The cost of doing nothing and hoping this goes away, or that someone else will protect your rights for you, will be either home schooling, moving out of New York, or vaccinating your kids with the entire schedule that they have missed.

    But we can stop this if you are willing to stand and fight. This session will give you the skills, materials, motivation and connection to others to fight effectively for your rights and your children’s health. All you need to worry about is your member of the Assemblymember and your State Senator

Thursday, March 21, 7:30-9:00

Huntington Hilton

598 Broad Hollow Rd.

Corner of Rte. 110

Melville,  NY 11747

with Rita Palma, My Kids My Choice, and John Gilmore, Autism Action Network.

More speakers to be announced

Tickets are $30/per person or $45/per couple

Purchase tickets on Eventbrite

Additional donations to NYAVR welcomed


A video link via Zoom will be available

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