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Take Action: Call Washington to oppose online censoring of vax issues

  Yesterday we asked you to take action on Representative Adam Schiff’s (D-CA 28) new House Resolution 179 that makes the claim  that , “there is no credible evidence demonstrating that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults.” Schiff is also the member of Congress who called upon Facebook and Google to censor any discussion or criticism of the vaccine industry and its products. Today please call your member of the House and politely ask if he or she supports Schiff’s call for censorship.

 Before you do that, if you value the news, information and advocacy made available to you by the Autism Action Network, please make it possible for us to continue in our work by donating here:


    The name and Washington, DC, telephone number of the member of the House of Representative for the address we have for you in our database should appear below.  Please ask politely if the member supports online censorship that Schiff is advocating.

  And while you are calling Washington, DC, please call Schiff’s office and politely let them know that you do not support Mr. Schiff plan for online censorship.

Rep. Adam Schiff, (202) 225-4176

  Please click on the URL below to send a message to your member of the House asking if he or she supports Schiff’s call for censoring online discussion or criticism of the vaccine industry and its products.

  Schiff is willfully ignorant of the most basic facts about vaccines and vaccine policy. Every package insert for every vaccine in America contains information about the possible injuries the Federal government admits could occur to healthy adults and children. Schiff  seems to be unaware of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the "vaccine court," that considers thousands of cases of vaccine injury every year and has paid out more than $4 billion in damages. One also has to wonder if Schiff is aware that the vaccine industry and pediatricians demanded, and received, complete liability protection from any injury caused by a vaccine?

   Oddly enough, Schiff, was a founder, along with then member of the House Mike Pence, of the Congressional Caucus for Freedom of the Press. Schiff also chairs the House Intelligence Committee, which held a hearing on Feb. 26. on “The Rise of Authoritarianism.” “The world has witnessed the steady ascendance of authoritarian leaders and illiberal governments in recent years, and the existential challenges these regimes and their underlying ideologies pose to liberal democracies demand our full attention,” Schiff said in a statement describing the hearing. The House has much more important things to do than waste time on factually incorrect resolutions drafted by a willfully ignorant hypocritical proponent of censorship.

      Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks (while we can.)

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