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Don't believe the hype
75% of measles cases in Rockland County, NY were vaccinated
   The ABC affiliate in New York City reported on 1/30 that according to officials at the Rockland County Department of Health only 31 of 124 of the people who are reported to have measles in Rockland County, NY, were not vaccinated. 
     After that news story started spreading on social media, ABC altered the story and
deleted that information. But the story is still available on wayback.com. This report is consistent with the well-known fading efficacy of the MMR vaccine, and its lack of efficacy with exotic strains of measles. It is believed that the current Rockland County outbreak, which is concentrated in the Hasidic Jewish community, was started with the introduction of a strain of measles brought back by travelers to Israel.

See the story here:
     The vaccine industry continues to use minor outbreaks of measles, a disease considered a mild childhood inconvenience a generation ago, as a pretext to eliminate vaccine rights around the world. Five companies control nearly 90% of the global vaccine market; Glaxo, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi and CSL. They have used the measles scenario as a pretext to eliminate vaccine rights in Australia, Italy, France, California and now there is legislation in New York, New Jersey,  Connecticut, Maine, Washington, and Arizona to eliminate or limit religious and personal belief exemptions in those states.
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