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Action Alert
NY Take Action: Mandatory flu shots for preschool bills return
Hoylman and Dinowitz are at it again

    They are at it again. Yesterday New York State Senator Brady Hoylman (D-Westside of Manhattan) and Assemblymember Jeffery Dinowitz (D-Riverdale, Bronx)  introduced bills to repeal the religious exemption from vaccine mandates. Today they re-introduced their bills (Senate Bill S2276 and Assembly Bill A2316) to make annual flu shots mandatory for pre-school and daycare. These bills would replicate statewide an existing regulation imposed in the five boros by the New York City Board of Health. The flu shot is questionably effective, especially in children under two. There is certainly no compelling evidence that this assault on parents' rights is necessary for public health reasons. 

    Please click on the Take Action link to send a message to your Assemblymember and State Senator asking them to oppose these bills.  

     Assembly Bill A2316 is co-sponsored by Anthony D'Urso (D-Great Neck), Al Taylor (D-Washington Heights), Diana Richardson (D-Crown Heights), and Dan Quart (D-Midtown East). Senate Bill S2276 is co-sponsored by Liz Krueger (D-Upper Eastside). 

     Flu shots are not recommended for children in the vast majority of developed democracies. And only two states, New Jersey and Connecticut, require flu shots for pre-schoolers. New Jersey, however, allows an automatic exemption upon presenting a letter, and Connecticut offers an automatic exemption by filling out a form. In New York, and many other school districts around the state, obtaining an exemption is extremely difficult. 

     Some flu shots in the US (approximately 20%) are still made using thimerosal, an obsolete preservative based on toxic mercury, that is banned in most of the world, but not the US. New York banned the use of thimerosal in 2008 in shots given to pregnant women and children under three, but the Cuomo administration has illegally suspended the law for past several years. An internal CDC study showed 700% more autism among children who received thimerosal-containing vaccines in infancy.  And studies have shown 20% higher autism among children whose mothers received pre-natal flu shots in the first trimester. 

      Please share this message with friends and family, and please share on social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network lease make a donation at http://www.autismactionnetwork.org



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