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Action Alert
The Autism Action Network can't get anything done without you
On Giving Tuesday let's look where we are going

     As we move into 2019, we have two main national priorities here at the Autism Action Network, and we are only going to achieve them with your participation and support.

     First, In the ten years since the Combating Autism Act first passed the program has not found the causes of autism, has not developed any treatments, has not developed any prevention methods, has not produced anything of use to families dealing with autism. After ten years they can’t even figure out if the autism rate is going up or not.  The Combating Autism Act, now operating under the name Autism CARES Act, is up for reauthorization in 2019. We want to see a complete reorientation of federal autism research, and see funding at a level that can produce real results.
    Our second goal is to get the Trump administration to significantly protect our right to determine what is injected into our bodies, and our children's bodies.
    The Autism Action Network has been working with you and for you to protect your family and your rights since 2005, with your support we will continue that collaboration for many years to come.

    Online donations can be made here: http://autismactionnetwork.org/index.php/donate ...

Or checks can be mailed to: 

Autism Action Network
PO Box 236
Long Beach, NY 11561

     Donations of $100 or more will receive a thank you gift of JB Handley's new book "How to End the Autism Epidemic," or "The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed" by Holland, Rosenberg and Iorio. Email us at jgilmore@autismactionnetwork.org and let us know which book you want, and where you want it mailed.

    Please share this message with friends and family, and please share on social networks.

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