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Action Alert
Autism Action Network fights for you and your family
$3000 Matching grant will double your donation

     As most of our subscribers know, the Autism Action Network provides you news, information and advocacy opportunities on a wide range of issues impacting families and individuals affected by autism, developmental disabilities and vaccine injury, at no cost to you since 2005. We are approacing the end of our our one fundraising drive of the year and an anonymous, generous donor has offered to match all donations up to $3000. So if you have been meaning to donate now is the time to do it!

Do it here: https://grouprev.com/autismactionnetwork2018

   All donors of $100 or more will receive a copy of either J.B. Handley's How to End the Autism Epidemic or  Holland, Rosenberg and Iorio's The HPV Vaccine on Trial (your choice.) Donors of $200 or more will receive both books. 

     Or, if you prefer, mail a check to:

Autism Action Network

PO Box 236

Long Beach, NY 11561

    We take on anyone when they do the wrong thing. We have pushed every President since we were started: Bush, Obama, and Trump. We know vaccines can cause autism in some people and we aren't afraid to fight for that position. We are non-partisan, and we will support our friends of either party, and criticize our opponents in either party. 

   In the past few months alone, we (that includes you) have taken action on these national issues, and we have no intention of letting up on any of them:

  • Funding special education at the levels always promised but never delivered by the federal government,
  • Protecting the hard-won health insurance gains made for people with autism and their families,
  • Advocating for appointing federal officials who are dedicated to evidence-based health policies that put the well-being of people and informed consent before corporate profits and bureaucratic power,
  • Calling for full reform of the vaccine court and the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act by restoring fundamental civil and constitutional rights,
  • Ending the use of mercury in vaccines and other medical products,
  • Stopping the use vaccines in pregnant women, especially those that ocuntain known toxins
  • Supporting the few members of Congress that support vaccine safety and honest autism research and policy,
  • Advocating for accurate autism epidemiology,
  • Fighting federal legislation, the Do No Harm Act, that undermines religious exemptions,
  • Defeating H. Res. 327, which claims vaccines injuries do not occur,
  • And we are gearing up for the re-authorization of the Combating Autism/Autism CARES Act so we might have an autism research program that isn’t a complete waste.

     This partial list does not include any of our actions on the state or local levels. We only have three days to go before this fund drive ends. Your generosity keeps us in the fight.

     Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks. 

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