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US Take Action: CDC claims 80,000 flu deaths last year
Where's the data? Flu shot associated with autism

     In a recent interview with the Associated Press Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield predictably said, "I'd like to see more people vaccinated," but added that in last year's season, "We lost 80,000 people to the flu." But there is utterly no data or evidence to back up Redfield's claim of that extraordinarily high number of deaths from flu. We would like to ask Dr. Redfield to please share the data that supports his claim. 

     According to the National Center for Health Statistics there is usually somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 deaths from lab-verified flu annually in the US.  Even though the number of flu shots given in the US increased 800% since the 1980s the number of verified deaths never seems to budge.  The flu shot is notoriously ineffective, according to an meta-analysis by the Cochrane Collaboration typically 71 flu shots need to be administered to prevent one case of the flu. 

     Before you click on the Take Action link to send a message to Dr. Redfield, and his boss Secretary of Health and Human Service Alex Azar, asking him to provide the facts to back up his claim, please take a moment to consider the value of the news, information and advocacy provided to you by the Autism Action Network. If you want to keep that information coming please support our team in the Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair 2018 here: 


     There are significant associations between flu shots and autism. A recent study showed flu shots given to pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy are associated with a significant increase in autism in the child, but obstetricians still give flu shots to pregnant women in the first trimester. About 20% of flu shots in the US still contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative. Internal CDC studies performed by Thomas Verstraeten in the late 90s showed 700%  more autism in children given thimerosal-containing vaccines in infancy (google Simpsonwood), but pediatricians still give thimerosal-containing flu shots to infants. Thimerosal is banned in most of the developed democracies but not here. Any flu shot taken from a multi-dose vial, rather than a pre-filled syringe, contains thimerosal. 

     Please share this message with friends and family, and please share to social networks. 

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