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NY Take Action: No suspension this year of our mercury-free vaccine law
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     Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker have illegally suspended for the last three years the law banning the use of mercury in vaccines given to children under the age of three and pregnant women, and we suspect they may attempt to do it again this year. New York is one of the few states to ban mercury-containing vaccines for use in children under 3 and pregnant women. The Autism Action Network fought for 3 years to pass this law, and we are not going to let it be casually flouted. 

     The flu shot is the only vaccine in general use that still contains illegal quantities of mercury, and as we enter into flu season this is the time of year that the Commissioner of Health issues decrees that suspend the law.  The Commissioner is allowed to suspend the law IF there is a shortage of mercury-free vaccines, but the CDC estimates that there will be 163 to 168 million doses of flu vaccine available this season and 80% will be mercury-free. Commissioner Zucker has acknowledged in the letters suspending the law that even though THERE WAS NO SHORTAGE he is suspending the law anyway.

     This issue is even more urgent since New York City is now enforcing a regulation that requires all children from the age of 6 months to 59 months to get annual flu vaccines to attend daycare or pre-schools regulated by the City. 

     Mercury as a vaccine ingredient has been banned for decades in most of the world, but not here, even though back in 1999 the federal government issued a directive stating that mercury should be removed from all American vaccines "as soon as possible" after an internal CDC study conducted by Thomas Verstraeten found 7 times as much autism in children who received mercury-containing vaccines compared to those who did not.

     Before you take action, if you value the news, information and advocacy provided to you by the Autism Action Network please make it possible for us to continue to do so by supporting our one fundraiser of the year we do in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair 2018 to be held in Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon, NY on October 20. Donors of $100 or more will receive a free copy of J.B. Handley's new book How to Stop the Autism Epidemic


     Please click on the Take Action link to send messages to Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Zucker, and please call the Governor and Commissioner Zucker and politely tell the staffer that you expect them to follow the law, there is no shortage of mercury-free flu shots, and therefore no legal way to suspend the law.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo, (518) 474-8390 

Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, (518) 474-2011

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