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Action Alert
Call the White House: Investigate US Attorneys, evidence cover-up in landmark vax/autism trial
Cover-up revealed by Feds own key witness

     Please call the White House today and ask for an immediate invesigation into an alleged cover-up of key evidence in the Autism Omnibus Proceeding (AOP) by two Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys who may have illegally withheld and misrepresented evidence provided by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a leading government witness, that showed that vaccines can cause autism in children with mitochondrial conditions. 

     A criminal investigation into the DOJ attorney's alleged misconduct is necessary. The White House has yet to take any substative action on vaccine safety or autism issues. Perhaps it can begin now.

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     Please click on the Take Action link to send messages to the White House, and your representatives in Congresss, calling for an investigation. And please call the White House today and politely ask for an immeidate investigation of the two attorneys, and their supervisors. 

The White House. (202) 456-1414


     The Autism Omnibus Proceeding (AOP) was an action by the vaccine court that lumped together more than 5000 claims that autism was caused by vaccine injury. All 5000 cases were to be decided by 6 selected test cases. Nearly all the cases in the AOP were dismissed in 2009. Zimmerman, who is regarded as perhaps the world's leading pediatric neurologist in autism research, provided a report on Child Doe 77, one of the test cases in the Omnibus Proceeding, stating that in his professional opinion, vaccines caused Child Doe 77's autism, and could cause autism in other children who had a pre-existing mitochondrial condition. Subsequently, the Child Doe 77case was settled by the government, but it did not serve as a precedent for any other cases, even though it had been specifically selected as a test case.

     Attorneys Vincent Matanoski and Lyn Ricciardella represented the DOJ in the AOP and never disclosed the analysis prepared by Zimmerman of Child Doe 77 to the attorneys for the 5000+ petitioners as required by the rules of the vaccine court. Matanoski and Ricciardella are alleged to have engaged in additional actions to keep the Zimmerman report and settlement of the Child Doe 77 case hidden from the petitioners and the public. 

       The alleged cover-up was revealed by Dr. Zimmerman in a deposition taken for a medical malpractice case against the doctor who administered vaccines to Yates Hazlehurst, the child of Rolf Hazlehurst. Yates Hazlehurst was one of the test cases in the AOP.  In the Hazlehurst malpractice suit deposition Zimmerman revealed that Yates Hazlehurst's regression into autism mirrored that of Child Doe 77 and would have been germane to deciding the Hazlehurst case in the AOP.  If the allegations are founded there would be grounds to reopen the cases dismissed in the AOP, and other cases dismissed in the vaccine court. 

      Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks. 



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