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NY Take Action: Housing convicted sex offenders with disabled widespread

      Disability advocate Michael Carey has uncovered that the NY Department of Corrections is releasing convicted level 2 and level 3 sex offenders illegally into OPWDD facilities and group homes caring for the developmentally disabled state-wide.After successfully helping to stop the Department of Corrections from moving a level 2 sex offender into an OPWDD Route 50 group home in Saratoga County, the Jonathan Carey Foundation has found an additional 25 sex offenders within the OPWDD system with minimal research on only a few counties.

     Before you click on the Take Action link to send a message to decisionmakers letting them know that this practice must stop, please take a moment to support the Autism Action Network and our collaboration with the Jonathan Carey Foundation to provide full legal protection for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.  "The Autism Action Network are phenomenal and tireless advocates for all people with autism and any type of disability. They have stood with me and the Jonathan Carey Foundation for many years as we have together done everything within our power to save lives, finally provide 911 medical and police services for our most vulnerable and to ensure that the wide-scale discrimination in civil rights against our loved ones is ended.” Said Carey. 

     Help us in our efforts to protect our most vulnerable by supporting our team in the Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair 2018. Contributors of $100 or more will receive a copy of J.D. Handley’s new Book How to End the Autism Epidemic.


    Carey’s analysis has already found convicted sex offenders in group homes in Washington, Franklin and Suffolk counties. New York State Penal Law 260.25, which finally became a felony offense in 2012 after a 5-year battle with New York State following the homicide of Jonathan Carey, cannot be any clearer. Endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person in the first degree is a class E felony. NYS Penal Law 260.25

    “A person is guilty of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person in the first degree when he knowingly acts in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical, mental or moral welfare of a person who is unable to care for himself or herself because of physical disability, mental disease or defect.”

     The threat to residents is compounded by the lack of any functioning law enforcement or prosecution capability in New York since the Justice Center, the law enforcement agency created by Gov. Cuomo, was found unconstitutional by several courts. 

     Read more here:


     Please share this message with friends and family and please share on social networks


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