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Action Alert
NY: Get out and vote!
Primary election this THURSDAY

      New York, get out and vote in the primary election on THURSDAY. The Autism Action Network does not endorse candidates. But so many of the issues we work on are profoundly affected by who is in elected offices.  

     Autism research and policy, access to health care, special education funding and standards, safety and civil rights of people with disabilities, vaccine rights, medical choice rights, Office of People with Developmental Disabilities funding and standards, our families are impacted by so many issues.  

     If we don’t participate we can't change anything. People have died for the right to vote, take a few minutes and use it. 

     If you value the information, news and advocacy provided by the Autism Action Network make it possible for us to keep bringing it to you by supporting our team in the Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair on October 20 at Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon, NY.  https://grouprev.com/autismactionnetwork2018

     Due to Rosh Hashanah falling on election day this year, the vote will be held on Thursday September 13, 2018.  So get out and vote this Thursday. 

     Please share this message with friends and family, and please share on social networks. 

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