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Action Alert
MD Take Action: DOH took $90m from Merck to market HPV vaccine in schools
Tell Gov. Hogan this must stop.

From our friends at hpvisstd.com:

     Take action now to urge Governor Hogan to immediately announce a stand down on the aggressive HPV vaccine-marketing program ongoing across Maryland.The Maryland Department of Health (DOH) accepted over $92mm over 5 years to promote the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine in Maryland. A Public Information Act request discloses that the state vaccine officials diverted funds from the federal Vaccine for Children program- which was initiated to ensure vaccine coverage to uninsured individuals-into a secretive program to market the shot with no parental disclosure to middle schoolers across Maryland. 

     The same DOH officials covered up the September 2017 verdict in the US Court of Federal Claims case that determined the HPV vaccine caused the death of Christina Tarsell of Sparks, Md. This creates the appearance that Christina’s death was willfully concealed because of the spigot of out-of-state money flooding in to create a market for the shot.

     Please communicate your thoughts on this sellout by the Maryland Department of Health. Please use the form on https://www.hpvisstd.com/contact-governor-hogan or click on the Take Action Alert above to send a message to Governor Hogan and your state representatives.

     The DOH officials who participated in this conduct are Robert Neall, Dr. Howard Haft, Kurt Seeto, Dr. Jilene Chan, Dr. Ken Tai, and Dr. Josh Sharfstein. The Alliance for Immunization Managers lists Kurt Seetoo as their Maryland Contact on their webpage.

    In response to numerous serious reported adverse effects, Japan revoked their recommendation of the HPV vaccine in 2013. The uptake rate there is less than 1%. Austria, Denmark, India, Columbia, and Sweden have all moved their vaccine public health policy away from encouraging HPV vaccines due to numerous reports of serious injury; lack of inert placebo controls in clinical test as evidenced by the FDA package insert; suicide rates 3.53 times the national average in the clinical test groups as evidenced by the FDA package insert; plummeting birth rates in countries that have high uptake of the vaccine; increased risk of pre-cancerous cervical lesions in girls positive for HPV types 16 and 18 who take the vaccine; increased risk of pre-cancerous cervical lesions in populations that have high uptake of the shot, such as Sweden; and the complete lack of evidence that the HPV vaccine prevents any form of cancer. 

We should all be saddened that our home state DOH officials have chosen to literally whistle past Christina Tarsell’s grave in their unseemly haste to cash pharma’s check. What was our DOH selling to pharma that was worth $92 million over five years? They were selling access to our trusting, vulnerable children at their middle school desks

     Stop this outrageous abuse of the public trust- and stop it today! Phama has their own marketing team. They don’t need our help to push their products.

     Learn more here: :http://www.capitalgazette.com/opinion/columns/ac-ce-colum...  

     Please share this message with friends and family, and share on social networks. 

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