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NY Take Action: Bill to deny tax exemptions to un-vaccinated dependents
Ryan's bill applies to children with religious and medical exemptions

     New York State Assemblymember Sean Ryan of Buffalo has authored a bill, A3485, that would deny the standard New York State income tax deductions for dependents who are not fully vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule recommended by the Department of Health. No provision is made for children who have religious or medical exemptions, who would lose their standard dependent tax exemption.

     The standard deduction for a dependent in New York is $1000. Taxpayers who file itemized deductions do not use the standard deduction and would not be affected by this law if it passes. Higher-income people usually itemize so the cost of this bill would be borne disproportionately by lower income families. 

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     And please click on the Take Action link to send a message to your legislators asking them to oppose Ryan's bill.  

     Please call Assemblymember Ryan's office in Buffalo and POLITELY let the staffer now you oppose this bill and would like Mr. Ryan to not reintroduce it when the legislature returns in January. Assemblymember Sean Ryan (716) 885-9630

     This bill punishes parents for exercising a fundamental human right to make healthcare decisions for their children. Currently, vaccines mandates in New York only apply to children who are enrolled in school or school-like programs. This penalty would apply to all children from birth on, whether they are in school or not. It even applies to homeschoolers, and adult children who may be in college, or disabled adults who are still dependents. 

     No other state has a vaguely similar policy. But this idea is consistent with a global effort by the vaccine industry to push governments to deny benefits to parents who refuse to follow the state-mandated vaccine schedule.  Australia recently denied a tax break to families that do not follow exactly the state schedule. So has Israel, and there are similar efforts in several European nations.  Fortunately, the bill has no co-sponsors, and there is no companion bill in the Senate. But bad ideas have a tendency to linger. 

     Please share this message with family and friends, and please post to social networks. 


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