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Action Alert
Albany refuses to protect the disabled
Perhaps lawsuits will compel action
     Michael Carey is assisting families of disabled resident who have been injured, harmed or killed at residential  facilities to file civil lawsuits against the State, in an effort to protect all disabled residents of state facilities, and force the State to reform. Carey has been a tireless advocate for the disabled since his son Jonathan, a 13-year old boy with severe autism, was killed by his caretakers at the O.D. Heck Center in 2007.  The Autism Action Network has long supported the work of Carey and the Jonathan Carey Foundation.
     Following the revelation by the dogged work of Michael Carey of massive cover-ups of crimes committed against disabled residents in state facilities, Governor Cuomo created a new agency in 2011, the Justice Center, to oversee protection of the disabled.
     Three separate court decisions in 2017, however, ruled that the Justice Center has no Constitutional authority to prosecute crimes. Currently, the State of New York has no functioning way to prosecute crimes committed against disabled residents of group homes, residential schools and other residential facilities for people with developmental disabilities.
     The leadership of the State Senate and Assembly are not allowing action on Carey's bills that simply extend protection by the police to residents of facilities, even though 2/3s of each House have co-sponsored the bills. Governor Cuomo has taken no action at all.
     If you have a disabled family member that you believe has been the victim of a crime at a state-regulated facility and want to seek justice, Michael Carey wants you to contact him. He can be reached at yahsolo@msn.com
     Please share this message with family and friends, and please post to social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please support us with a donation at www.autismactionnetwork.org
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