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Legislative Alerts and Updates
Time to drain the swamp at the CDC
It's time for a serious reformer at the CDC
The President didn't mention autism or vaccines last night
Tell the President: End the autism epidemic and reform vaccine policy
President could order an Vaxxed/Un-Vaxxed study
US Take Action: Kennedy bill threatens Religious Exemptions
US Take Action: House Resolution 327 denies vaccine injuries occur
Take Action: Cassidy-Graham bill threatens autism insurance coverage
US Take Action: Bill calling for first ever federal vax/un-vaxxed study
Take Action: No denial of health insurance for pre-existing conditions
Take Action: Demand healthcare reform as if Autism matters
Tale Action: Demand healthcare reform as if Autism matterk
 State Legislative:
Protect people with autism and developmental disabilities
NY Take Action: Speaker Heastie blocking 911 bill
Good news. We have majorities in both houses on our 911 bill
Good News: 911 bill passes NY Senate Mental Health Committee
NY Take Action: New Bill to stop schools denying religious exemptions
NY Take Action: Call Albany Today
NY Take Action: Protect religious exemptions
NY Take Action: Protect your right to a religious exemption
New York - NY Take Action: Bill guaranteeing religious exemptions moving
New York - NY Take Action: Bills that will guarantee religious exemptions
New York - NY needs a budget as if people with autism mattered
New York - NY Take Action: Call your Reps in Albany
NY Take Action: Protect IEPs
Autism now 1 in 36: New catastrophic rate ignored so far
New York - Autism now 1 in 36: New catastrophic rate greeted with silence
New York - Cuomo 2019 budget shortchanges New York's people with Autism again
US Take Action: Trump nominates former top drug co. lobbyist for HHS Secretary
Legislators know nothing about vaccines: Educate them
Take Action: Extradite CDC autism study fabricator & embezzler Poul Thorsen
Take Action: Prenatal flu shots increase miscarriage and autism
New TV spot on need for a vote on the 911 bill
Take Action: President must create vaccine safety commission
You are invited to a meeting with Senator Klein this Thursday, March 8
Bayside/Whitestone Meeting today with Assemblymember Braunstein
North Shore, Nassau: Protect your religious exemption rights
Flushing, NY: You are invited to meet Your Assemblyman Ron Kim, 2/22
Correction: Tom Price was head of HHS
Connecticut Take Action: Congressional Resolution denies vaccine injury occurs
Rhode Island Take Action: Call your member of Congress
Volunteers needed in Albany, Tuesday, Jan. 9
Important victory for NY special ed students
"Ken and Alex" an intimate portrait of a family affected by autism
New Study: 10x more aluminum in brains with autism
AutismOne developing app analyzing cost of Autism
"How to Prevent Autism" Author Dara Berger presents her new book
Immunizations 101 Workshop, Brooklyn, Fri., Oct. 20
Thank you for supporting the Autism Action Network
Last day of our 2017 fundraising drive
Today: Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair
Autism Action Network, Keep us in the fight
News, information and advocacy from the Autism Action Network
NY: Autism Community Walk this Sunday, Oct. 15
George Will uses "social autism" as a political putdown
Passion for Fashion, Creativity workshop for people with special needs
"How to Prevent Autism" Author Dara Berger presents her new book
"The Pathological Optimist" documentary on Andrew Wakefield tonight
Bringing the NY Autism Community Together
Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future
Write to your State Senator Ken LaValle
2017 LI Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair
Third sexual assault case on disabled dismissed
New York - NY: Time to end Regents exams to graduate
Vaxxed and a day of thought leaders on vaccines
Vaxxed and a day of thought leaders on vaccines
The President can order a vaxxed/un-vaxxed study
Country Line Dancing Benefit for TACA NY
Announcement from Coalition For Informed Choice on NYS Religious Exemptions
Why we fight: Maggots in breathing tube of a disabled resident
Time to push back to protect your exemption rights
NY Take Action: Bills to repeal religious exemptions still a threat
Western NY: Beyond Conventional Medicine, Children's Health Fair
NY: Exemption 101 Workshop, Sept. 8, 7 pm, 900 B'way, NYC
Autism Action Network fights for you and your family
Be there: Ask Sen. Croci to protect religious exemptions
Please support the Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair
Save the Date: Oct. 15, Autism Community Walk and Resource Fair
Autism book targeted by by international boycott released
NY Legislative Wrap-Up: No votes yet on Religious Exemption or 911 bills
NY: Call Albany today to allow a vote on 911 civil rights bill
New Study shows diagnostic substitution can't explain exploding autism numbers
NY Take Action: Vast majority of legislators support 911 protection for disabled
Boston Herald Editor calls for execution of vaccine critics
NY "Immunization Exemption 101" May 25 in Commack
A free email book give-away from Skyhorse Publishing
Rare network television discussion of vaccine safefy
Art Gallery Opening to banefit the Autism Community Walk
Hope and Healing for Autism and Neuro-Developmental Disorders
Workshop Training on Family Violence & Conflict
Revolution for Truth Rally Washington DC, Friday, 3/31
The fim 2e:twice exceptional at SUNY Old Westbury, 3/30
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